Spanish: a great language to adopt in language study

Spanish: a great language to adopt in language study

Spanish around the world

The Hispanic language is not used only in Spain. Many other countries have adopted it. More or less known, they are sometimes synonymous with dream destination for people wishing to travel. A little tour of the world, what do you think?

A must-see country for learning Spanish, Spain shares a border with France and yet ... Everything seems so different. It floats like an impression of being on vacation all year round. Sun, sea (for many cities), shopping and gastronomy, it is a destination that makes you want!
A language study trip to Spain is a good idea. We come back with thousands of memories, a beautiful tanned complexion and an accent worthy of the name. So, vamos!
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Costa Rica

Change of scenery and continent, we head for Costa Rica. This small country, Latin America, offers happiness to anyone who decides to go there. Much further, geographically, than Spain, you will still have the impression of feeling at home so the people are warm and welcoming.
Did you know ? A quarter of Costa Rica is full of national parks and nature reserves. If you love nature, respect the environment and learn new things, this is a place for you.
You just have to choose between Puntarenas or San José!


We stay in America, between North and South, for a language trip with Mexican flavors. In addition to sombreros, fajitas and other specialties from Mexico, it is a very good place to perfect your Spanish. Here again, warmth and benevolence are of importance. You will have no trouble making a place for yourself.
In a festive and colorful atmosphere, learning (or improving) your Spanish becomes a rather exceptional pleasure. In addition, Playa del Carmen offers a heavenly setting. Your program is simple: classes in the morning and beach in the afternoon. What put into practice, on the hot sand, the acquired notions.

Of course there are other countries where Spanish is the official language. This is the case of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru ... and another eleven! Then there are also those where it is spoken fluently without formalization. It is found on four continents. It is therefore easier for someone who speaks it to find a job!
Spanish in the professional world

To learn a language, foreign to one's own, and to master it is good, but to be able to use it in the world of work is even better. We have just seen together the countries where it is the main language but it is a big bonus everywhere else.
Preferred areas

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin. As a result, many large companies use it. Taking it for granted can open doors for you and get you internships or jobs in a wide variety of fields.

This is obviously the case of tourism. After a language study stay in a Spanish-speaking country, you will feel more comfortable understanding a person and making yourself understood. In addition, you will have experienced an immersion experience. The Hispanic culture will not be ignored and you will be able to share your memories with the customers, the tourists ...
Trade is also a strong sector. Many companies work with Spanish-speaking suppliers. Being able to communicate in the same language is a chance and facilitates exchanges. A point that is not negligible.
Information and communication are also fertile ground for someone who speaks Spanish. There are nearly 16,500 newspapers, 255 television channels and more than 5,000 radio stations whose language is Spanish. You may also have to find professional opportunities in the legal world.
And in terms of aeronautics, you should know that one in three aircraft in the world is controlled by a Spanish company. It's up to you to see what attracts you the most, especially according to your studies.
A strong and lasting Franco-Spanish connection

Speaking Spanish as a French is well seen by recruiters. Why ? Simply because the geographical proximity of Spain and France allows simple, efficient and fast trade. Our dear country places its Spanish neighbour as one of its first customers. In France, Spanish companies represent nearly 60,000 jobs. And the opposite also reports.

With the economic and real estate crisis in Spain, many French companies jumped at the opportunity. They have relocated to the land of sangria in which the quality of life is very good. But Spain is not the only place where it is good to work.
Opportunities across the Atlantic

Latin America is in perpetual economic growth. You can totally try your luck in a place like Mexico, Argentina or Chile. What is good on this side of the globe is that countries are emerging by positioning themselves in new markets. This is the case of Colombia and Peru.

The other good plan to know is in the United States. Many Spanish speakers have immigrated here. If you want to try the American dream, it is quite possible that you find yourself in a company where many people speak Spanish. Even easier for you to integrate!
Spanish is a beautiful language
In addition to its economic aspects, Spanish can be learned for its beauty. It is recognized from afar, this pretty bright accent, almost singing. Why not take ownership?

Words close to French
Latin languages ​​par excellence, French and Spanish are quite similar. Well that's not why you'll become bilingual in one day but still it helps! The construction of the sentences and the words are similar. At first, listening will be much easier. We feel familiar, and we see very quickly where the interlocutor wants to come.

Progress is fast and pushes for encouragement. It is proven that in a few weeks, we understand and we make ourselves understood. Of course, to be on top and avoid false friends, it is better to go directly on site, immersion. It could not be easier ! All you have to do is book your language stay and get started.

Variations by country
By choosing to learn Spanish, we are not ready to get bored! Depending on the country, the region, the city, the village or even the people, the language changes. Ok, it may be a little destabilizing at first but just choose your favorite destination. No worries to have so far the basis remains the same.
Do you want examples? Come on, here's a little lesson for fun. In Spain, to accommodate a group of people, simply use "ustedes". Whereas in South America, we will say rather "vosotros". Other words have totally nothing to do depending on the country. A pen is called "lapicera" in Argentina but "boligrafo" in Spain.

A door to learn other languages
It is not uncommon to ask which foreign language a person speaks. Whether on the street, in public transport or in restaurants, the report is the same. Sometimes we hesitate between languages ​​close enough. Spanish? Italian? Portuguese? One can understand words without even having learned the language.
More than 1,000 Spanish words are in common use in other languages. This must be seen as a benefit and not a disadvantage. Languages ​​that are similar can be more easily learned, or at least understood. Good never say to a Spaniard that you took him for a Portuguese or an Italian. And vice versa, you never know!
Spanish, a unique culture

Enjoying a language stay in a Hispanic country is a safe bet. In addition to progressing in the conversational, you will also enrich yourself culturally. We learn always faster on the spot, mixing with the local life.
A different pace of life

We French are used to busy days. We sit down between noon and one o'clock and then have dinner between 7:30 pm and 9 pm. Moreover, the restaurants are never open very late, either for lunch service or evening. In Spain everything is different.
Breakfast is often accompanied by a good snack around ten o'clock. Lunch is between 13 and 15 hours. Finally, the evening is lighter but does not take place before twenty-one and twenty-two hours.

Once the rhythm is taken, you will surely not be able to do without your belated and nocturnal life. In addition, most shops close between noon and three pm but open necessarily until late in the evening. To you the night shopping!
A renowned art

If you are an art lover, you will love Spain! Many museums dedicated to painters, sculptors, and other famous artists. These are Spanish personalities who greatly influenced modern art in the late 1800s. The best known are:

Antoni Gaudi: you can find his very popular works in the city of Barcelona. And in particular Parc Güell filled with its colorful mosaics. His identity is remarkable and is comparable to no other artist.
Pablo Picasso: master of expressionism, cubism and surrealism, this renowned painter has several museums in his effigy. You can find them in Barcelona, ​​Horla Sant Joan, Lucerne, Madrid, Malaga, Münster, Paris, Antibes and even Vallauris.

Salvador Dali: that's for sure, you've already seen one of his paintings. Renowned for his long and fine mustache, he joined Picasso in the world of surrealism. His house is also open to the public. It is located in Cadaques, and is open to the public.
Popular festivals

Hispanics have the rhythm in the skin and love to dance. We have flamenco, salsa, samba, ramba, paso doble, merengue, mambo, bachata ... and many more to discover in Spain and Latin America. Dance is a family affair and it's a great way to meet and share.

Other popular festivities: bullfighting. You do not know ? The concept is quite simple but can bother some. A man, called El Matador, tries to slaughter a bull in arenas using small arrows that he plants him in the back. You can find this practice in Portugal, Colombia or Mexico.
For animal protectors, there are also ferias. Family friendly, kind and warm, these popular festivals are a great way to meet locals and exchange in Spanish. What progress while enjoying the atmosphere.
Spanish and Hispanics can be surprising

10 things to know about Spain

1. Before the 20th century, there was no national anthem. Since then, he has seen his words suppressed because they did not please the king.
2. At Tomatina, a popular festival in Buriol, 150,000 tomatoes are thrown away.
3. There is no law punishing nudity in public.
4. Ratoncito Perez is the name of the Little Spanish Mouse enacting the tooth fairy!
5. The country produces 43% of the world's olive oil. Notice to gourmands!
6. Traditionally, Spaniards have two surnames. That of their father as well as that of their mother.
7. For the first of the New Year, the tradition is that everyone should eat a grape with every sound. If you wear red underwear that day, BINGO! You will be happy for the coming year.
Spain ranks second in the highest number of bars per inhabitant. We meet there with family, friends, to enjoy tapas and drink a shot.
9. In the restaurant, it is not forbidden to throw waste on the floor even if it is very far from our French habits.
10. The Spaniards are not fond of marriage. It is the country of the European Union where there is the least union. If you dream of this great event, a pity for you!

10 things to know about Costa Rica

  1. The currency is the settler. Apparently quite simple to tame, it is still possible to pay in US dollars and sometimes even in euros! In contrast, American coins are not accepted.
    2. The models in the store windows have generous shapes and curves. A nice initiative that should be taken up in other countries.
    3. It is usual to leave 10 to 15% of the final score as a tip for the restaurant. Good only if your meal and the service you liked.
    4. It is strongly discouraged to throw toilet paper in the toilet. In the absence of a high-performance sewage system, paper is thrown in the trash for preserving nature.
    5. The word soda does not correspond to a drink. It is rather a small snack that serve local and fast food or burgers.
    6. Of the 121 volcanoes in Costa Rica, 7 are still active. Beautiful walks and landscapes are therefore to discover.
    7. Women, when they are pregnant, do not give birth to children but lights. So cute !
    8. The Costa Rican army has been disbanded because it is a country that wants to be completely pacifist.
    9. Blow your nose in public is very frowned upon. Better to do this discreetly or at home.
    10. It is rare that a person greets you by saying hello or goodbye. We say rather Pura Vita!

10 things to know about Mexico

  1. If you plan to spend Christmas in Mexico, do not expect to receive gifts. Mexicans are very Christian and most expect January 6, the day of the Three Kings, to offer and receive them.
    2. This is the country that holds the world record for Coca-Cola consumption. Be careful not to fall into the trap!
    3. We can admire two of the three largest pyramids in the world. There is nothing to envy from Egypt.
    4. At a birthday party with friends, the lucky man sees his head crushed on his cake. It's fun to watch except when it's your turn.
    5. Ketchup slips everywhere in Mexican cuisine. Even where you do not expect it like chips or pizza.
    6. More than ten laws protect the national anthem. It is important to know it at your fingertips to avoid any penalty.
    7. The famous Caesar salad, made of chicken, is not Italian but Mexican.
    8. Mexico City is the largest city in North America, ahead of New York!
    9. Hot chocolate is considered the drink of the gods. It has become sacred by the Aztecs.
    10. The smallest volcano in the world is in Mexico. It is called Cuexcomate and is only 13 meters high.
    You will undoubtedly discover a lot of other unusual information about these countries during your language stay. It is in these moments that we realize that our cultures are totally different and surprising. But it's such a rewarding adventure!
    After this article, we know, you finally wonder what destination to choose to perfect your Spanish? In any case you will not regret anything and it will be a huge plus for your future.
    Hasta luego!
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