Terms of Sales



Holingo is a market place that links a language stay offer in English and Spanish speaking countries that are popular destinations for students to improve a language in a foreign country. These countries include the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Malta, SOuth Africa, Australia, NEw Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic and other destinations. Holingo is therefore considered a business provider on behalf of language schools all over the world.

Holingo is a brand of groupe adiona. groupe adiona is a simplified share company created in 2009 with a share capital of €44,610. It's registered office is located at 152 chemin de la petite bastide 13770 venelles.

Language schools offer a language study service. this service consists of a language program adapted to the level of the student and students also have the possibility to stay with a host family during their stay. Students can also opt for airport or train station transfers and different outings to discover their destination of choice. The school also provides help and support during the different administrative formalities.

The student will be offered a selection of language schools in english speaking countries that will meet their criteria regarding: country, city, language level, duration, type of accommodation.

Who is responsible for the language stay? : the language school is responsible for the smooth running of the student's language stay. Every effort will be made by the school to satisfy the student regarding the following: excellence of the educational program, accommodation quality, diversity of activities offered etc.

Who is responsible for the content on the site?: Holingo's concept means that all content, text, photos, videos, equipment and rates are put on the site by the head of the language school. The school is therefore responsible for the edited content and the description of the school's characteristics.


Cancellation by the student: a 100% refund can be offered with 15 working days following booking confirmation. Beyond this date, no refund will be issued. If the reservation takes place less than 1 month before departure, no refund can take place.

Cancellation by the school: if the school cancels a reservation, the amount paid by the student will be refunded in full.

Change in reservation: any change to your reservation must be the subject of a written agreement between the school and the student. The school will not be able to compel the student to modify the elements of their reservation in any way. This related to dates chosen, language program and accommodation type.



Visa formalities: it is the responsibility of the student to take all necessary measures to respect the administrative formalities applicable to their chosen destination regarding the duration of their stay and the type of program they have chosen. The student must ensure that they have a visa for their stay if it is required by the country of their choice. Holingo offers useful information for the student so that they can be fully aware of the facts.

Under no circumstances will students be refunded if they fail to obtain a visa or another mandatory document on time. It is the responsibility of the student to take all the necessary measures.

Age requirements: it is the responsibility of the language school to select students who meet the minimum age requirements for their language programs and accommodation options.

Course duration and holidays: the student can select language programes according to their duration and taking into account the start dates of the programs and also the public holidays of their destination country. Programs selected with days that fall on public holidays will not be refunded. It is up to the school and the student to find a way to make up lost class time.


Payment methods: payment for the language stay is done online by an online payment device. This method allows for payment by several different card types. For amounts exceeding the expenditure limit of certain cards, a deposit can be paid by credit card (amount defined in the payment process) and the student then has 15 days to pay the remaining balance of the stay after receiving the reservation confirmation.

Quote expiration: each quote validated by a language school is valid for a maximum of 72 hours. During this period, the student can pay for their language stay. After this time, the quote will expire and the student will have to ask for a new quote.

Exchange rate: the exchange rate used by holingo.com is the one used by the european central bank. in order to cover the possible rate variations, a margin of 4-6% will be applied to the amount.


Creating an account: when creating an account, the student will be asked for their contact details in order that they can be contacted and they satisfaction can be ensured. in accordance with the french data protection and freedom of information law of the 6th Jaunary 1978 concerning data processing and privacy, holingo undertakes to informe people who supply data on the site of their rights, particularly their right to access and update information.

Forgot your login details?: if the student loses their login details, they will be assigned a new login to access the service.

Reviews: Students can leave reviews on the site to inform other users about the quality of the different offers on the site and their experiences at these schools. The student will receive an email after their stay and he will be asked to leave a satisfaction review and leave a comment if they wish.

Copyright: holingo/ Groupe Adiona is the owner of all intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, trademarks and patents) relating to both the structure and all holingo content (such as, but not limited to images, sounds, videos, photographs, logos, trademarks, graphics, software, documents and other data) from the Holingo sites and mobile applications.


Assistance: should you have any problems with the site, the school head will be able to assist you with the different steps. The school manages the courses of all students and must ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Insurance: holingo strongly advises students to obtain insurance that can cover possible cancellations or in case any problems occur at your destination. Many language insurance solutions exsist on the market and can be recommended by holingo.

Transporation: It is the student's responsibility to books their flight or train to the city where the language school is located. students are advised to do this well in advance in order to benefit from better rates.

Transfers: depending on the options offered by the language school, the student may be able to book an airport or train transfer directly with the school. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure the smooth running of this service.


Applicable law: the applicable law is french law.

Relevant courts: the relevant courts are in Aix-en-Provence, Bourhes-du-rhône (France).