Official labelled Holingo schools

Official labelled Holingo schools

You will find, below, the list of the labelled Holingo schools :


Brighton Language College

Gateway School of English

BLI Montreal

LSI London Central

International House Malta

Bethnal Student Academy

St Giles San Francisco

CLA Los Angeles

CEL Los Angeles Santa Monica

Connect English Language Institute

St Giles London Central

Interactive English Language School

Global School of English Edinburgh

ILS English

International House Capetown

Espanole Valencia

Australian International College of Language (AICOL)

KKCL English

St Giles Brighton

Leeds Language Academy

Glasgow School of English

Manchester Central School of English

English Language Academy

Rose of York Language School

Brooklyn School of Languages

International House San Diego

St Giles New York City

LSI London Hampstead

New England School of English

St Giles London Highgate

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